About me


I'm Saz, I'm an artist living in the North-West of England. 


I specialise in animals! Because I think they're amazing. 

I have painted all my life, but fell out of love with it for the past few years as I started a corporate job. I worked in advertising for 3 years, I was on a trajectory to have a high flying career, but my mental health was so so bad. 

After signing off work for 6 weeks, sick, I decided I needed to quit! 

So I stared my own business, I now run therapeutic art workshops for vulnerable people. I love it so much. 

Due to Covid, I had to stop, I was gutted. My mental health started to decline, I needed to do something to get myself back to me! I decided to start painting again. 

I picked up my paintbrush, and painted my little cockapoo, Winnie. 

When I uploaded my painting, I got lots of requests for paintings! 

So I thought, why not! Let's just go for it, so I made an instagram page, and never looked back! 

I would love to paint your animals, I paint ALL animals. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Love, Saz